C.C. White - This IS Soul Kirtan! Radio Interview & clips from CD! (In The Spirit WRPI 91.5 FM, NY)

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C.C. White - This IS Soul Kirtan! "Radio Interview with Gary's Music Show, (WRPI In The Spirit, 91.5 FM, New York) ."

1.Std.52 die ganze CD im telefoninterview mit Gary Goldberg,

Listen in while Gary Goldberg, and C.C., talk about Life, Love, Kirtan and Soul Music, Community, Beloved Wallahs, Hope, Unity and so much more! Feel free to leave comments about our in depth discussion. "Kirtan Feels Good!" The CD ♥This IS Soul Kirtan!♥ is available on ✦ http://soulkirtan.com✦, and on ✭iTunes!★ NOW at: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-is-soul-kirtan!/id462995551?ls=1. Get your free download of this tune "Karuna Sagari Ma", sign up with your email, and join our "Soul Kirtan Family!" Purchase the CD and dance with me and my incredible band! Chanting mantras, and songs for the soul, healing your heart, dance with ecstatic joy, throw your head back and sing, and move your hips in bliss! A mixture of kirtan, soul, gospel, blues and r&b, it's for everyone, and the whole world is invited in. You'll leave smiling and wanting to share, I promise you. Haribol! Love and Grace C.C.
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Kirtan, Soul, Reggea, Mantras, Gospel, Blues, r&b
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